Introduction to InfraWorks in Civil 3D

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Introduction to InfraWorks in Civil 3D (101)

Course Description

In Introduction to InfraWorks in Civil 3D (101) we start by discussing the InfraWorks Home screen.  From there we will discuss and review the Model Builder to quickly create a conceptual model.  Once a model has been created, we will discuss the InfraWorks interface where we will review the Application Options, Bookmarks, Proposals, and Conceptual/Engineering Views.  We will then advance through the Manage, Create, Analyze, and Present/Share tools.  Next, we will add adding design features to the model in accordance with the conceptual design and create a storyboard animation.  Finally, we will import our conceptual design from InfraWorks into Civil 3D where we can complete our detailed design.

Learning Objectives

On completion of this course, users will be able to do the following:

  • Navigate the InfraWorks Home screen
  • Create Proposals for multiple conceptual design options
  • Apply a conceptual design to the model
  • Review the Sun and Sky settings, discuss the measuring tools, and add a Terrain Theme
  • Import the InfraWorks data into Civil 3D

Lesson Notes:

To effectively teach users, at an introductory level, how to use Autodesk InfraWorks to quickly create a conceptual design, we will demonstrate the learning objectives utilizing the following features that incorporate the tasks discussed in this lesson.

  • InfraWorks Home screen and create a conceptual model using the Model builder
  • Explore the InfraWorks interface, review the model settings, and create proposals
  • Add conceptual design elements and analyze the model
  • Import the model data into Civil 3D to complete the detailed design

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