U.S. CAD Online University FAQ

What is U.S. CAD Online University?

U.S. CAD Online University is an online learning subscription by U.S. CAD, your trusted AEC education partner that provides your team members 24/7 access to training content such as live training courses, recorded content for self-paced learning, training documentation, webinars, and other relevant material. Training content is created and delivered by certified instructors – designed to help your team update or reinforce the necessary skills to deliver on your firm’s objective of achieving more. In addition to U.S. CAD-generated training content, U.S. CAD Online University includes a single-user, full-access subscription to CADLearning, on-demand Autodesk training and certification platform.

Online University offers the convenience of online learning with the cost savings of a subscription model.

What is included in a U.S. CAD Online University subscription?

Exclusive access to live, instructor-led, training courses every week focused on products such as:

Exclusive access to a database of recorded educational content for self-paced learning
One single-user, full-access subscription to CADLearning
Training documentation, webinars, and other pertinent educational content

How much does U.S. CAD Online University cost?

  • Starting August 1, 2020 the cost is only $99 for a 1-year subscription
  • Beginning on January 1, 2021, the annual subscription cost is only $299

Who can benefit from U.S. CAD Online University?

  • BIM and VDC Managers/Coordinators/Technicians
  • Drafting Technicians
  • Designers
  • Technicians
  • Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Anyone on your team who would be using or administering various design software.

How do I subscribe to and access U.S. CAD Online University?

Visit uscad.com to subscribe and access the platform.

What are the key benefits of U.S. CAD Online University?

  • Anytime, anywhere access to in-depth training content (live and pre-recorded)
  • Centralizes learning content in one centralized online location
  • Accelerates training to get team members up-to-speed quickly
  • Reinforces or gains new skills
  • Tracks and manages learning to meet project or company competency goals
  • Provides a consistent learning experience for all team members
  • Cost-effective, subscription-based model

What live, instructor-led, and recorded content is available in U.S. CAD Online University?

Visit uscad.com to view the current course content and schedule. Our course schedule is updated often.

Can multiple employees from an organization sign up for U.S. CAD Online University? 

Yes, Group Licensing allows for internal learning management. Permitting and Restricting content to your users, Adding and removing students from you account, and strong reporting. Contact us at onlineuniversity@uscad.com for more information.

How do my team members or I access U.S. CAD instructors with questions?

During a live, instructor-led course, subscribers can ask questions via the chat or questions area within the GoToWebinar meeting platform used. At section breaks, the instructor or course proctor will address questions with the online class.

What is U.S. CAD Online University Office Hours?

Office Hours for live courses can be scheduled within the platform after the subscriber has logged in. Subscribers will also receive an emailed link when Office Hours are live for the course attended.

How is CADLearning accessed within U.S. CAD Online University?

A  CADLearning account is included with your Online University Subscription. Your CADLearning account will have the same term as your Online University account.  Upon registering for Online University, within 1 business day you will also receive your account information for CADLearning .

What does 101 and 201 mean in the name of the Courses?

Typically 101 courses are for new users. 201 level courses are for those who have already completed 101 level courses. Read more about our course designations.

Can I install a trial version of the software for my online courses?

Yes.  You can install a 30-day trial of AutoCAD, Revit, or Civil 3d here. Alternatively, you can purchase a 1 or 3 year subscription to AutoCAD, Revit, or Civil 3D.

What devices support U.S. CAD Online University?

U.S. CAD Online University and CADLearning services are fully compatible with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Experiences will vary on connection speed; therefore, devices connected to a strong Wi-Fi signal tend to perform best.

I’m logged in, but none of the videos are showing

We use Wistia as our Video distribution tool.  Some IT Departments block Wistia.  Please see if your IT department is blocking Wistia.  Information on making Online University content available on your network can be found here.

My employer is on an autodesk subscription plan, does that allow me to access online university?

Online University is exclusive of any current or past Autodesk contracts. You can register for Online University regardless your Autodesk contract(s).


About U.S. CAD 

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