Understanding Assemblies in Civil 3D (201)

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Understanding Assemblies in Civil 3D (201)

In this course, you will learn how to make better decisions when selecting subassemblies to add to your design assembly (typical section). We will explore assembly and subassembly behavior along the corridor. We’ll also look at Labeling options and some corridor examples using a variety of subassemblies to achieve particular designs. Then we explore the additional subassemblies available in later versions of Civil 3D.

On completion of Understanding Assemblies in Civil 3D, users will be able to do the following:

– Discuss the attachment options for Civil 3D Subassemblies
– Explain Point, Link, and Shape Codes assigned to Civil 3D Subassemblies
– Discuss Target Parameters for variable corridor designs
– Review output options available on the Corridor Launch Pad
– Note additional subassemblies
– Labeling using Code Set Styles

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