Plan Production in Civil 3D (101)

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Plan Production in Civil 3D (101)

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In this course, you’ll learn how to generate construction plan sheets using the Plan Production tools within Civil 3D. You will also learn how to use the Sheet Set Manager and modify the sheet set and sheet properties to automatically update title block information.

On completion of Plan Production in Civil 3D (101), users will be able to do the following:

– Explain the steps used to create plan and profile sheets in Civil 3D
– Create View Frames to produce printable areas along an alignment
– Use view frame grips to adjust the display of each sheet
– Create plan and profile sheets based on the location of the View Frames
– Edit Sheet Set and Sheet properties to update title block information

Lesson Notes:

We will be utilizing the following features in Plan Production in Civil 3D (101)

  • Review the Plan Production tools and objects
  • View Frame and Match Line styles and label styles
  • Create and edit View Frames
  • Create sheets and using the Sheet Set Manager
  • Update title block information using sheet set and sheet properties

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