Plan in BIM 360 (101)

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The goal of this lesson is for USCAD customers to digitize their lean pull planning sessions using BIM 360 Plan.

On completion of this Webinar, customers will be able to do the following:
– Add new activities: Milestone, Roadblock, Task, Delivery, and Inspection.
– Create Previous and Future handoffs.
– Define a Work Break Down Structure (WBS).
– View activities in 3 different view setups: List, Swim Lanes, and Gantt Chart for 1,3, and 6 week periods.
– Track plan performance and view Project Percent Complete (PPC).
– Change activities status to Committed, Backlog, Complete or Incomplete.
– Build reliable work plans using Lean Construction principles.
– Reduce waste from overproduction, excess inventory, and rework.

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