Field Classic in BIM 360

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Field Classic in BIM 360 (101)

Course Description

The goal of this lesson is to learn how to use BIM 360 Field (Classic) for quality control and issue tracking during construction.

Learning Objectives

On completion of Field Classic in BIM 360, students will be able to do the following:

    • Create issues to help you track work to complete, problems to fix, and more
    • Fill out checklists – Checklists help you monitor QA/QC and safety processes and commission equipment systems after testing
    • Run reports – Send information about issues and checklist results to subcontractors, field personnel, and other stakeholders so that they can take quick action. You can also automatically distribute reports by email
    • Work on-site with the iPad. Install the BIM 360 Field mobile app so that you can create issues and fill out checklists in the field
    • Set up projects. Invite project members, and grant project access rights (administrators only)

Lesson Notes:

To effectively teach clients how to use Field Classic in BIM 360, I will demonstrate the setup of a project utilizing the following documents/features that incorporate the items discussed in the lesson.

    • Adding companies, members, and roles through the administrator console
    • Configuring locations, issues, checklists, and equipment
    • Configuring views to maximize data shown
    • Demonstrate the software both on the web browser and iPad

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