Design Fundamentals in BIM 360 (101)

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Design Fundamentals in BIM 360 (101)

Course Overview for Design Fundamentals in BIM 360 (101):

  • Introduction to BIM 360 Document Management
  • Overview of Revit Cloud Sharing and Design Collaboration Workflows
  • Viewing and Sharing information with markups and issues
  • Reviewing and tracking construction documents
  • Utilizing BIM 360 for additional documentation

BIM 360 Collaboration:

  • Design Collaboration – Control Design deliverable exchange to keep the right information in the right hands throughout the project.
  • Revit Cloud Worksharing – C0-author Revit models in real-time and review design development with the extended team at any time.

Understanding Teams in BIM Collaborate Pro (formerly

BIM 360 Design):

  • Create Teams to give companies, or specific disciplines, space within the project to work securely.
  • Control shared data with other teams with the Shared and Consumed folders.

Publish Log:

  • How to check the Publish Log to ensure BIM 360 is finished processing published or uploaded files

Viewing and Working with Microsoft Documents:

  • Microsoft documents can be edited directly in BIM 360 with Microsoft 365 accounts.

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