Cross Sections and Quantities in Civil 3D (201)

In this course, you will learn how to sample the design corridor in order to generate cross-sections in Autodesk Civil 3D. Once sampled we will create cross-sections for viewing and plotting. We will also go through the workflow to add a new section to the current display of cross-sections. Next, we will calculate earth and material quantities from our cross-sections. Finally, we will document the quantities in report form and in the drawing in the form of tables.

On completion of Cross Sections and Quantities in Civil 3D (201), users will be able to do the following:

– Create Sample Lines along the corridor model
– Create Draft and Production cross-section views
– Add a new cross-section to the existing view Layout
– Calculate earthwork and material quantities from the Sample Lines
– Generate volume reports and tables for plan production

Course Preview


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