BIM 360 Model Coordination (101)

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BIM 360 Model Coordination (101)

Course Description:

In BIM 360 Model Coordination (101), you will gain an understanding of how BIM 360 Model Coordination works. We will review the Module interface, the setup for clash tests, the viewer for the clashes, and how to manage the results. Best Practices and Workflow will be discussed throughout the class. Use this as a base of knowledge before the class comparing Navisworks Manage to Model Coordination.

Learning Objectives for BIM 360 Model Coordination (101):

• Students will learn how to set up and create Clash Tests in BIM 360
• Students will understand how the User Interface works in the Module and the Viewer
• Students will be able to analyze and manage Clashes
• Students will discover ways to manage the new coordination workflow process

Lesson Notes:

We will be utilizing the following features that incorporate the tasks discussed in this lesson.

    • Adding companies, members, and roles through the administrator console
    • Adding locations and building a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    • Configuring views to maximize data shown
    • Demonstrate the software both on the web browser and iPad

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